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Welcome to our website that offers books and educational materials to all belly dancers whether students, teachers or performers. Here you can get the finest information about this ethnic dance form  plus the latest music from Lebanon. Join us as we explore the possibilities. Morwenna & Walid Assaf

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Morwenna here for you!


Morwenna Assaf CID-UNESCO Member
Middle Eastern Dance Educator & Author.

This site is for people who have the burning desire to know more about this dance form we all love so much. No matter at what level you may be there is always more to learn and a different approach of study. Morwenna and Walid Assaf are here to keep the dance with its fantastic roots. This is a dance form of the Middle Eastern people and the dance needs to be treated as such. Morwenna's background is the Eastern Arabic countries namely the Levant. But she also has an excellent background with the Mahmoud Reda Egyptian style.

As we build our repertoire to perform we will also be building our literature for you to grow to outstanding levels in the dance. We hope you will like our books and leave comments for us as this is the way we grow. I have lived this dance form since 1973 and am still growing and learning. I owe my success to this point to such great as Mahmoud Reda, Egypt, Amani of Lebanon, Yousry Sharif, Egypt, Elena Lentine, NYC. Plus the late Ibrahim (Bobby) Farrah, NYC, and the late La Meri of MA. These are just a few that have molded my career. There are in reality too many to mention. Including students on both coasts and in between who have created such wonderful careers. Above all I thank my husband Walid who is Lebanese and a musician for his constant support and approval. 





Above Morwenna at a book signing in  Mexico at the Cultural Center Library.

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