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Lebanon was the most awe inspiring place I have ever been. Not only because it is the root of Middle Eastern Dance but because of the country and the people. We were there for the Amani Oriental Festival which in itself was awesome. We met the finest instructors in dance that Lebanon had to share. That in itself puts Lebanon on a par with NYC for dance teachers at a professional level. The teachers from other countries were excellent. We all participated in the festival as teachers and performers. I will never forget this my first trip but I await the news of the next festival. We want to go back to Lebanon and want to take more people with us and want it to coincide with Amani?s next Oriental Festival.     

The tour day was perfect. We went to a private castle and to the Hall of Fame plus Beit el Din before heading beck to the coast to Byblos and Jounieh. Dinner was wonderful at Tony Hanna?s restaurant O de Mer. He was very gracious. There was a debke lesson but after the meal, was maybe, not the best idea. The weather was warm and beautiful the entire week.

We also spent a week after the Amani Oriental Festival and explored on our own. We visited a wedding for research on Zeffet. Spent a day in Baalbak which was amazing. Visited with family and friends before coming home on the Sunday morning. A perfect trip in every way.

I will break down the days, in days to come, as I now have my notes and photos set to go. For more information on Lebanon got to www.MorwennaAssaf.com. Each day is broken down.

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